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Underwater Photos:  Belize and Mexico, February to April 2008

With the exception of the last two photos, all of these were taken by our friends Jon & Heather on Evergreen.  We got our new camera and underwater housing toward the end of the trip, are learning to use it, and hope to take photos like these in the future. 

Click on the photo to enlarge. 

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Lobster looking delicious, but since they were out of season, he was safe.

Yellow tube sponges.

Trumpet fish swimming vertically to camouflage himself.

Sea plumes, fans and brain coral.

Green morays are usually found tucked in holes or under ledges, but this one was out for a swim.

Yellow-tail snapper - a tasty fish.

A school of tangs.

Blue chromis and tangs on the coral reef.

Queen Angelfish.

Jon hunting with his spear.

Spotted moray outside of his hidey hole.

Stingray gliding effortlessly across the grassy bottom.

Queen Triggerfish

Gorgonian sea rod, sea plume and sea fans.

Turtle - it's always a special treat to see these!

Flounder camouflaged in the sand.

School of blue chromis on a pretty reef.

Squid (aka Calamari).

Clinging channel crab.

Small moray eel poking his head out in fire coral.

Batwing coral crab.

One of our favorites - a spotted drum.


Jan waving hello - Rich in the background.

Strawberry vase sponge - these look black underwater, but are bright red if you shine a flashlight on them.

Octopus - very well camouflaged.

Hogfish - one of our favorite fish to eat.

Azure vase sponge.

Azure vase sponges turn yellow when the colony is dying.

Black Grouper.