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Photos:  Western Caribbean, March to May, 2007

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Kuna family visits us in Panama's San Blas Islands.

Carti Islands, the most densely populated islands in the San Blas.

Housing on the Carti islands.

Raul brings refreshments to cruisers as we relax outside his family's home.

Wandering through the streets of Carti.

Kuna Museum in Carti islands.

Inside the Kuna Museum. Our host spoke English fairly well and explained the items on display.

Heading up the river to the Kuna graveyard. The river was too shallow to use the outboard.

Approaching the Columbian Island of Providencia.

Lovers Bridge linking Catalina Island to Providencia.

View of the main town of Isabel from Catalina Island.

Harbor at Isla Providencia.

Virgin Mary statue overlooking Providencia Harbor.

Jan at Ft. Warwick on Catalina Island.

Curious iguana at Ft. Warwick.

Rich going after a coconut.

Jan with Barbara, the proprietress of Bamboo Seafood on Catalina Island.

Making moonshine (called "bushy") behind Bamboo Seafood on Isla Catalina.

Holding on tight and ready to see Isla Providencia by scooter.

Jesus leads the Palm Sunday procession on Isla Providencia.

Churchgoers arriving on Palm Sunday.

Frenchy's - a nice place to stop for a paleta (popsicle) on Isla Providencia.

Rich enjoying the view from a sea wall.

Beach near the village of Sweetwater on Isla Providencia.

The beaches on Isla Providencia aren't just for people.

The scooter group - Jay & Danica (Alkahest), Jan & Rich, and Bibi (Discovery). Wayne from Discovery was the photographer.

Wayne & Bibi (Discovery) enjoying the view of Isla Providencia's coast. Can you tell which way the prevailing winds blow?

Split Hill on Isla Providencia, aka Morgan's Ass.

Cruisers gathering for cocktails on Slip Away at Isla Providencia.

Alkahest departing Isla Providencia for Key West.

Rich getting ready to raise the Honduran flag as we approach Cayos Vivorillos.

Squall passing through Cayos Vivorillos.

Rich with wahoo caught while underway to Guanaja in Honduras' Bay Islands.

The two of us with Neil & Kathy from Attitude.

Lagoon Marina in La Ceiba Honduras.

Pineapples growing on the grounds at Lagoon Marina.

Flycatchers frequented the pool at Lagoon Marina. We enjoyed both the birds and the pool.

Dorado caught underway to Key West.

Smoky sunrise as we arrive Key West.

KW buoy at the entrance to the channel leading to Key West Harbor.