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Photos:  Pacific Panama, January-February, 2007

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Jan gets ready to raise the Panama flag - thank goodness she turned it right side up before she raised it.

Fishermen selling lobster at Isla Parida.

Sol Surfin' at Isla Parida.

The $1000/night yurts on Isla Cavada in Islas Secas.

Carrie paddles over for a floating happy hour.

Hermit crab colony at Islas Secas.

A new coconut palm sprouting in Islas Secas.

Terra Firma & Slip Away anchored at Isla Medidor.

Scientific lab under construction at Isla Medidor.

The monorail brings both supplies and people to the construction site on top of the hill.

Domingo at Bahia Honda said it was OK to take his photo, but he was very shy in front of the camera.

Domingo paddling his dugout back to his house.

Graveyard in Bahia Honda.

Big tides in the Pacific - this is a small island off Isla Coiba at low tide.

This is that same island at high tide - no beach!

Bahia Santa Cruz at low tide.

Rich takes advantage of a low tide to burn trash on the beach. We dig a hole in the sand, burn the trash, then cover it.

Then the high tide comes and washes away the ashes.

Rich is excited that we've got a big fish - until we ID it as a jack crevalle, which isn't good eating, so he (the fish) goes back in the sea.

Jan steering Slip Away with the autopilot dial.

Rich with Terra Firma and Icarian on the beach at Isla Espiritu Santo in the Perlas Islands.

Isla Contadora in the Perlas Islands - signs of civilization.

Crime doesn't seem to be a big problem at Isla Contadora.

Hermy & Jack from Iwa - it was good to see them again in Panama City.

Freighter traffic headed to and from the Panama Canal, as seen from our mooring at Balboa Yacht Club.

Submarine which has just completed a transit through the Panama Canal.

A ship of ships headed for the Panama Canal.

Mooring field at Balboa Yacht Club.

We didn't use our dinghy at Balboa Yacht Club, so we depended on these friendly lancha drivers to give us a ride to shore.

Terra Firma arriving home after a day in the city. (Even in Balboa Yacht Club, we were moored next to each other.)

El Gato Supremo Jake from Carina has a sleepover on Slip Away while his parents line handle for a friend's Canal transit.

Aly & Iain (Loon III) and Bill (Creola) at our going away party at Balboa Yacht Club.

Pat & Carrie (Terra Firma) and Debi (Serenity) at the Balboa Yacht Club Party.

Linda (Creola), Celeste & Gary (Sol Surfin') and Brian (Icarian) at the Balboa Yacht Club party.

Slip Away fueling up and getting washed down just before her Canal transit.