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Photos:  Guatemala Inland Travel - July 2006

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Two of us at Cerro de La Cruz (Hill of the Cross) overlooking Antigua with Volcan Agua in the background.

Front side of Cathedral de Santiago in Antigua.

Ruins on the back side of Cathedral de Santiago.

Casa Santo Domingo Hotel and Cultural Center set in what was once the church and convent of Santo Domingo and the Santo Tomas de Aquino College.

Volcanoes Fuego, Acatenango and Pacaya near Antigua.

Hiking trail at Pacaya Volcano.

Two of us with our guide Rony at Pacaya Volcano.

Lava field with active lava flows on Pacaya Volcano.

Our tour group overlooking Pacaya Volcano's lava field.

More of the active lava flows from Pacaya Volcano.

Two of us on the lava field with an active lava flow close by.

Rich with our tour guide Carmen at Finca Santa Margarita coffee farm in Coban.

Rich inspecting blooms and beans on a coffee plant.

Rich in the roasting room at the Finca Santa Margarita coffee farm.

Orchids in bloom at Vivero Verapaz, the orchid nursery near Coban.

Jan wonders how they can grow all these orchids. She had one once and managed to kill it in a couple of months.

Scenery along the way from Coban to Lanquin.

Rich enjoying a beer on the porch of our room at El Retiro in Lanquin.

View of the falls and pools from the Mirador (Viewpoint) at Semuc Champey.

Much of the Cahabon River passes underground at Semuc Champey.

Falls and pools at Semuc Champey.

Rich enjoying a dip in the water at Semuc Champey (with a tourist policeman in the background).

Layout of the Mayan ruins at Tikal.

Tikal pyramids peeking out of the jungle canopy in the early morning.

Members of our tour group climbing a pyramid at Tikal.

Wooden steps under construction so that tourists can more easily climb the temples, making it safer and less destructive to the temples.

The two of us on top of Temple II, with the Great Plaza and Temple I in the background.

Excavation underway at Plaza of the Seven Temples.

They grow big bugs in the Guatemalan jungle.

For some reason, several of the sinks in our budget hotels had a tilt to them.

Cafe Uka in Flores - a good place for lunch and some internet time.

A street in Santa Elena - can you guess the National Beer of Guatemala?

Jan in front of our accommodations at Finca Ixobel near Poptun.

Hummingbird nest outside our room at Finca Ixobel.

Scarlett Macaw in the trees at Finca Ixobel.

Jan and our guide Manuel in Ixobel Cave. Jan's hiking boots tell the tale of our muddy, slippery hike to the cave.

Stalactites and stalagmites at Ixobel Cave.

Rich helping to guide the horseback ride on Finca Ixobel.

Jan entering the "Jungle Shower" at Finca Ixobel.

Great Curassow at Finca Ixobel.

Graveyard in Livingston. The first person buried here is under the tree.

Jumping off the Seventh Altar at Los Siete Altares.

Two of us at Los Siete Altares (the Seven Altars).

Marinas in Rio Dulce.

Guesthouse in Guatemala City.