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Fun Stuff in Ensenada

One of the reasons our boat work took so long is in Ensenada is that we found lots of reasons to goof off.

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Rich & our friend Dallas from s/v Love Song (7/03)

Enjoying the desert hot springs with friends (8/03)

Enjoying treats brought to us by friends Sam & Tom (8/03)

Sam & Tom, friends visiting from Laguna Niguel (8/03)

La Bufadora Blowhole (8/03)

Finish Line of Rosarito to Ensenada 50-mile bike ride (9/03)

Amy, Dan & Bally Miller (s/v Clara Maria) (9/03)

One of our favorite fish taco stands (9/03)

Sunday brunch at La Hacienda Restaurante in the Guadalupe wine valley (9/03)

Pajaro Caripocapote playing at La Hacienda (9/03)

Dan (s/v Clara Maria) jams with Pajaro Caripocapote band members (9/03)

Jan with girlfriends Kathy (s/v Love Song) and Amy (s/v Clara Maria). Kathy & Amy both had babies on the way (10/03)

Dan, Amy & baby Nina born April 4, 2004 in Key West, FL

Allen, Kathy & baby Morgan born April 7, 2004 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Love Song departs for Puerto Vallarta (10/03)

Blue heron - a frequent visitor on our dock (10/03)

Mexican military putting up the huge flag that stands on the plaza by the harbor (10/03)

La Bandera Grande

Rich shows off his new shorts, a gift from Bob & Janey (m/v Amiga) (11/03)

Rich takes advantage of an additional seat in the stateroom while the head is being painted (12/03)

Rich with Joan & Doug (s/v Charlotte Ann) at the Carnaval (Mardi Gras) celebration (2/04)

Carnaval parade float (2/04)

Carnaval parade float (2/04)

Winter storm (2/04)

Ensenada harbor after winter storm dumps several inches of rain (2/04)

Jan presents an appreciation award to Omar who owns the cruisers' favorite internet cafe (3/04)

Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race, the largest international yacht race in the world brings ~500 boats to Ensenada each spring (4/04)

Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race on Bahia Todos Santos (4/04)

Rich getting a closer look at the competition in the Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race (4/04)

Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race finish line on Bahia Todos Santos (4/04)

Ensenada Harbor filled with racing yachts (4/04)

Mariachi entertainment during race weekend (4/04)

Rogelio (Baja Naval Dockmaster) with Roy & Mary (s/v Breezn' Once More) (4/04)

Rich makes friends with some local cats (4/04)

Cruiseships departing Ensenada Harbor / View from Saturday night cruiser happy hour on top floor of Villa Marina Hotel (4/04)

Rich with good friend Carlos. Rich often helped translate radio transmissions for Carlos (5/04)

Friends John & Camille (from Hermosa Beach) with us at La Hacienda Restaurante in he Guadalupe wine valley (5/04)

John & Camille enjoy the fountain at La Hacienda Restaurante (5/04)

At age 2, Lola was Ensenada's youngest cruiser - until her sister arrived in August (5/04)

Baja Naval Dockmaster Rogelio with his wife Marisol and son David (born 2/04) at their home (6/04)

Baja Naval workers enjoying an after-work volleyball game (6/04)

Our Spainsh coach, Alberto, enjoying a cruiser potluck (6/04)

Our friend Jim (m/v Sun Hunter) heads the food line at the cruiser potluck (6/04)